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Regents Thematic Review

The link given here was downloaded from the Flushing High School Regents Review page.  Thank you to Ms. Frank Bayer for being so thorough!  Outlined in this document are the exam specifications as well as the basics information a student must know to pass the exam listed in simple bullet point fashion.  Download this booklet to your phone, ipad, or computer and begin to make study tools to aid your ability to pass this exam.  This exam format will be different in the school year 2018-19.   Information will be updated as I receive it.

Regents Review Theme-Amendments.pdf

SPECIAL PRINT!  Must be printed in color!

The Thematic Essay can be on ANY topic in American history, therefore preparation can be very difficult without a solid method of approach. Print up this Thematic Essay Topic list.  It is color coded.  A single topic, like Teddy Roosevelt, can prepare you to write an essay on as many as 10 different themes.  Pick the topics that cover several themes.  Study the era, and fill out the Thematic Essay blank grid to help you study. Thematic Study List-1.pdf Thematic Blank Grid.pdf

Available Textbook- H.S. Level

This textbook is free and available on line for your use.


Regents Review Reading for study

This file will help you on all exams.  Listed are test taking strategies: book Chapters/Test taking strategies.pdf

Knowing the vocabulary of history is very important to understanding concepts and expressing your knowledge.  Making foldables (see link above) are a fun way to aid your study. book Chapters/REGENTS U.S. Regents Vocabulary.pdf

Breaking down political cartoons: book Chapters/SKILLS BREAKING DOWN A POLITICAL CARTOON.docx

Important people you must know: book Chapters/REGENTS Impt People in U S Hist and Govt.pdf

Presidents and what they are known for: book Chapters/U.S. Presidents and what they are known for.pdf

The U.S. foundations of the Constitution: book Chapters/REGENTS Constitutional Foundations for the U.S. Democratic Republic.pdf

The U.S. Constitution was tested many times: book Chapters/REGENTS Constitution Tested-Nationalism and sectionalism.pdf

Knowing the Geography of U.S. is very important, many regents questions are on geography: book Chapters/REGENTS U S Geography and the Development of the U S.pdf

Regents WWI: book Chapters/Regents WWI.pdf

WWI 1917 into the Roaring 20s book Chapters/REGENTS WWI- 1917 into the Roaring 20s Era .pdf

The Great Depression: book Chapters/REGENTS The Great Depression.pdf

WWII development and war: book Chapters/REGENTS WWII development and War.pdf

Post WWII world: pgs 267-277 book Chapters/REGENTS Post WWII world.pdf

Post WWII industrial society- living in a Global age: book Chapters/REGENTS Post WWII Industrial Society- Living in a Global Age.pdf

Communism Containment abroad and Agreement at home book Chapters/REGENTS Containment abroad and Agreement at home.pdf

US Foreign Policy timeline: book Chapters/REGENTS -US Foreign Policy timeline.pdf

Limits of power- political changes at home and abroad: book Chapters/REGENTS Limits of Power- political changes at home and abroad.pdf

Struggle for Civl Rights- a decade of change: book Chapters/REGENTS Struggle for Civil Rights- A decade of Change.pdf

Trending toward conservatism- 1970 through the 1990s: book Chapters/REGENTS Trending toward Conservatism-1970s -1990s.pdf

Regents Review- American History


 9/8 Download this PDF booklet of Major periods, Important People, and Events for your records.  We will refer back to this information soon.  

8th gr Major Periods and Important Dates in American History.pdf

You will need to regularly go to the "Student & Parent Resources" page and scroll down to the Regents Review button.  That site has a multitude of MCQ to use for practice.  We will begin doing MCQ for Regents Review toward the end of September.  No time like the present to begin remembering information you were taught in the 6th and early 7th grade.  :)




The booklet contains a lot of information.  You need to focus on only what you are assigned for the week.  Complete the work assigned! You are doing this so that you will be prepared for the tests in June.