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Foldables help make studying fun!

Sometimes we need to change our study habits, the old ones may not be working for us anymore.  If that is the case, maybe making a study tool will help you maintain your focus while studying.  There are many useful benefits to foldables, however the basic use is study.  The link below will open a booklet of different types of foldables.  It is primarily geared toward American History topics, but all you need to do is change the topic to make it work for you.  If you find it difficult to figure out how to make one of the foldables, don't stress out.  Come to me during your lunch, I have examples made for you to view in my library.  Browse through the contents and take what you like or think will work for you and don't be bothered with the rest.  

Finally, keep it simple by making easy foldables first.  As you become more familiar with this type of tool to more complicated you can get :).