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Photo Gallery

Random Photos Random Photos Rosies! 823 Reviewing Rosie essays and rubric requirements 197903890 Rosies! 823 take 2 Reviewing Rosie essays and rubric requirements 197903891 Rosies- Mix 825 & 821 821 students came in for a photo op! Reviewing Rosie essays and rubric requirements. 197903892 Union Proud 2016 All I.S. 51 teachers in one shot! 197903893 Keenan & Rubino Waiting for our kids in the lunch-room. 205293459 Ross & Rubino 2018 Enjoying the senior prom! 205293460 In class activity 2017 We try to have fun, this day we were pretending to be reporters! 205293461 Ms. Rubino On one of my many hikes through the mountains. 205293462 Rosie Day 2018 Speaks for itself, WE CAN DO IT! 205293463 205293464 At the Prom 2018! 205293465 In class group work. 205293466 Ms. Rubino The things I do when I'm not working for you! Hike up to a castle. 205293467 Ms. Rubino Enjoying a cabin high up in the mountain. 205293468 Ms. Rubino...zipping along! 205293469 In class reporter Working on creating a newspaper. 205293470 Ms. Rubino & Snoopy! 2015 Summertime fun hiking through the forest. 205293471 Ms. Rubino I guess I have to say I love the mountains especially when they are filled with snow! So beautiful. 205293472 Making posters in class. 205293473 Snow shoe walk through the forest 205293476 Snow Shoe walk through the forest. After walking for a bit I had to remove my coat! 205293474 Summertime relaxing at the beach. 205293475 Gallery walk learning. 205293477 Climbing the side of a glacier! 205293478 More group work in the classroom!! 205293479