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Photo Gallery

Socrates Summer of 2014 Socrates Summer of 2014 Kayla & Socrates Kayla anticipates taking Socrates home for the summer. 193679934 Socrates and Friends! Socrates hanging out his first night away from school! Momma Kayla is making sure he is properly socialized! 193679839 Reading before bed. Momma Kayla won't let Socrates fall behind in his reading skills! Just what the teacher wants to see! 193679840 Camping out! Kayla is certainly showing Socrates a great time! 193735346 Celebrating the birthday of the country! "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." He's such a good.... Socrates :) Happy Birthday America! Thanks Kayla! 193858598 Socrates and his foster brothers! Ater so much time there is almost a resemblance! They all look like they are enjoying each other. :) 193940594 Socrates and Kayla in Pa! 194511494 Catching a ride from a friend :) 194511489 Guess he didn't get far on the turtle. lol 194511490 Enjoying nature 194511491 :) 194511492 :) 194511493 Kayla's cousin & a long lost cousin of Socrates! 194511495 Socrates and the family pup :) He looks so at home..... 195629370 195629371 195629372 Socrates and his newly found brothers.. 195629373 He's so small sometimes lol 195629374 And extremely small at others! 195629375 ....What's that song? I'm sure he's singing it too! 195629376 Uh oh.... those pawprints are as big as Socrates! 195629377 So cute, love him :) 195629378 January Update on Socrates! He looks so happy in his permanent home! Thank You Kayla for taking him on, I know he can be a handful! 197622368