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                       WELCOME 6TH GRADERS!

I hope you enjoyed the first few days of school.  You'll have time this weekend to sort out any questions and have some fun :).  Remember, even though you can email me through the site, go direct and use 

DIRECTIONS to use this page:  We'll go from the bottom to the top.  UNIT 1 is at the bottom of the page, scroll down to find it.  As the year progresses we will climb to the top :).


Unit Work, Assignments & Study

As promised, penmanship practice   PENMANSHIP PRACTICE.docx 

DUE BEFORE 9/11- Emergency Blue card, Pupil Path login, Agreeement 

If you lost or did not receive a class contract Agreement, please click on the link at the right, print, complete and return.  CONTRACT middle school 2015-16.docx

Due by 9/16 Personal Interview - Ms. Rubino needs to get to know you.  Please complete the peronal interview.  If you did not receive a presonal interview click on the link at the right, print it up, fill it out, and turn it in :)  Personal Interview 2015-16.docx

UNIT FOUR/FIVE- China-Qin & Han, Western Europe-Greece & Rome

Rome is third and final:   WEBS 6th gr Unit 5 Rome Booklet.pdf

Pandora, the play: Pandora.pdf


Greece is second: 6th gr Unit 4 Greece Packet.docx 

Greece Marking Period Project: 6th Gr Greece Project.pdf

Greece Marking Period Project Rubric: 6th Gr Greece Project Rubric.pdf 


China first:  WEBS 6th gr Unit 4 Early China packet .pdf

When assigned:  6th gr Unit 4 Qin-Han Homework readings.pdf



Judaism, Christianity, Muslim Study Review Sheet:

-Study information given on Unit Packet pages 3, 5, & 7, all information on these pages including the vocabulary and general statement on the bottom of the page, as well as how each religion spread.

Islam specifically:

Why were they so successful in conquering others?

Why there was a split into sects?

How cultural diffusion helped the spread of Islam?

Advances in Math, Medicine, & Science 

General Religions exam complete... 

Daily packet we use- WEBS 6th gr Unit 3 Religions.pdf 

Power point Judaism, Christian, Islam WEBS 6th Judaism Christianity Islam .pdf 

Power point other religions- WEBS AA Roots of Religions 2015.pdf

The articles you read about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all were part of larger pieces.  If you would like to read futher about these religions you may download them from below.  PLEASE ASK YOUR PARENT TO REVIEW BEFORE YOU READ, get permission to go this deep into these topics. 



Inside Islam History.pdf



Early Civilizations can be exciting to learn about.  If you've lost a page or your entire packet you can download a fresh one by clicking on this link and downloading the .pdf file 6th Gr Unit 2 packet WEBS.pdf

If you miss class you can still keep up on the information learned in class by clicking on this link and downloading the .pdf file.  Find the last LT you have in your notes/packet and move on to the next one! 6th Gr Unit 2 Dev Early Civs WEBS.pdf

6th gr Unit 2 Indus Rver Valley Civ Notes.docx

6th gr Unit 2 Nile River Valley Harvard Notes.docx



UNIT ONE- GEOGRAPHY!!!!  Geography is a very exciting topic in world history.   This will be our first unit of study.   The packet you will be given will be posted here in case you lose it or it gets destroyed. 

Vocabulary test on basic terms to know for Social Studies: 6th Gr Vocab to study.docx 



Marking Period One Project:    Country Project 

Students were given a packet on 10/21, the entire assignment was read aloud in class.  Questions were asked for, and answered at the time the assignment was given.  Students were informed that they need to use their packets as well as Internet research resources to gain proper information to complete the project well.  Students were to pick one of the countries they drove through during their land and sea trip as the focus for this project. 

Special note:  Pupil path is not uploading information today 10/27,  


Students were informed of the weight of this grade on their overall marking period grade, students were informed that the highest grade possible is needed especially for those students that have not been completing homework, completing classwork, or earning high marks on exams. 


Current Events Reading & Writing-85 & under

This area will be specifically for those students that are not earning an 85 or better average in Social Studies.